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COCI Equity Partners Joins Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates;

Will Expand the Company’s Presence in New York City and Long Island

Irvine, Calif. (May 5, 2022) — Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates announced today that COCI Equity Partners, based in Great Neck, New York, is joining as an affiliate serving New York City and Long Island.  Led by CEO Susanna Shao and Managing Partner Henry He, COCI Equity Partners specializes in multi-family, office and industrial, land, and retail sales and leasing.  The company also often partners with developers to produce inventory in the market.

COCI Equity Partners’ core objective is to help our clients achieve the maximum return from their real estate investments by truly evaluating the full potential of each property and each portfolio. Our affiliation with Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates has enhanced our services to an extensive level.

“We’re excited to join the Sperry team,” said Susanna Shao.  “The brand is well respected and our values and culture are complementary.  With Sperry, we have a great platform on which to expand our reach and network with other brokers in the area.”

“Sperry has innovative tools we can leverage and a large presence to market our clients’ assets to a larger audience,” said Henry He. “The company is a perfect fit for the full support, experience, and knowledge we provide to help our customers expand their business.”

Susanna Shao has 18 years of experience providing real estate brokerage and development services in New York.  She has completed over $300 million in real estate transactions and over 1.5 million square feet in sales and leases.  Her experience includes real estate development, financing, and leasing.

Henry He is an entrepreneur with experience starting and running new businesses.  He has more than 18 years of experience in real estate sales.  He is Executive Vice President of the Sino-American Commerce Association.

About Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, LLC

Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, LLC offers the highest level of commercial real estate services available through thoughtful, cooperative, and ethical practices. The firm is headquartered in Irvine, CA, with 58 affiliate offices across the United States.  The first international affiliate office was opened in April 2021 in Mexico City, with planned global expansion in 16 countries through 2024.  CEO, Rand Sperry, specifically designed the company’s value-based franchise model to be able to weather the economic downturns and negative real estate trends that have occurred throughout history.  Created for the smaller and regional brokerage houses & teams, this value-based model allows the Affiliate to maintain national brand presence and collaborate with a network of Affiliates in order to compete with other national brands. Unique to Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates, LLC are a system of tools for Affiliates that include a comprehensive real estate intranet and transaction management platform named SperryCENTRAL and a custom designed marketing support software system called SperryLINK, among other immediate industry advantages. For more information, visit