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We have always believed that the future of Commercial Real Estate rests upon the relationships we build today.
As a result, Sperry continues to grow its global network of Affiliates in order to provide strategic sales and leasing
services to clients locally, nationally, and internationally. We call it, “Local Reach on a Global Scale.”


The commercial real estate industry is an ever evolving, ever changing market sector. To achieve the highest level of success for our Clients, we must be able to efficiently manage their diverse and complex needs.

To do so requires:

  • Cutting-edge communication and marketing tools
  • Technologies that provide up-to-date information and management in real-time
  • First-class training and educational programs
  • A recognized global network of Affiliates that work collaboratively both internally and externally within the commercial real estate industry
    • A bigger brand equals BIGGER business and increased sales.
    • Affiliation with a larger, and well respected brand is very attractive to a small Broker.
    • A brand that is known, trusted, and has a global footprint is more relevant to the foreign buyer.
    • Instant name recognition, better marketing tools and access to offices worldwide.
  • Each Sperry Network Affiliate is:

    • Independently owned and operated.
    • Carefully selected and committed to advancing the Mission and Vision of the trusted Sperry Brand.
    • Offers a full range of commercial real estate services to local, regional, and international clients.
    • Offers comprehensive market knowledge and multiple property type specializations.
    • Is able to meet the diverse and specific needs of its clients on an international level.
  • Sperry Affiliates benefit from being associated with company that has a professionally branded and interactive website.

    Benefits include:

    • National Property Search
    • Featured Properties
    • Corporate & Affiliate News
    • Affiliate Website Development
    • Lead Generation
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Google tracking, plus much more
    • Easy access to Office/Transaction Documents and Industry Links
    • Current industry news & social posts
    • Create & order marketing materials
    • Collaborate on brokerage business in real-time Interact with clients and Affiliates at a hyper-local level
    • Predictive workflows Brokerage management tools
    • Documents shared, accessed, and stored anywhere, anytime via the Cloud
    • Mobile Friendly
  • LINK, powered by BuildOut, allows our Affiliates to manage and create professional looking marketing proposals, brochures, offering memorandums, flyers, owner reports, and email campaigns within customized templates.

    Key features include:

    • Doc Creation
    • Doc Vaults
    • Demographics
    • Syndication
    • Property Websites
    • Email Marketing
    • Web Access
    • Complex Maps
  • Exclusive training programs

    • Quarterly Boot Camps
    • National Bi-Weekly Sales Calls
    • On-going training & development programs
  • Broadcast your listings Company-wide!

    Sperry holds a bi-weekly Tuesday Morning Global Sale Call and slide presentation with Franchisees calling in to share their listings with our Global Network of Affiliates. You’ll gain national exposure for your Clients and find out what deals are closing and where.

  • The Performers Club is Sperry’s recognition awards program that was created to identify and award its top performers in commercial real estate. Awards are handed out at the Global Sales Conference and include more than 15 categories.

  • As our Global Network of Affiliates continues to expand, Sperry will schedule its annual Global Sales Conference that will provide peer-to-peer networking opportunities, an awards recognition program, industry vendor showcase, and keynote speakers that will address emerging trends and technologies occurring within the commercial real estate industry. This is the Main Event!

Our Story


Rand Sperry co-founded Sperry Van Ness International Corporation, a nationwide commercial brokerage firm. Rand Sperry does not have any present ownership interest in Sperry Van Ness International Corporation and since 2009 he is no longer affiliated with Sperry Van Ness International Corporation or Sperry Van Ness ®.


Rand Sperry co-founded new real estate investment and management companies as an opportunity to capture profits from “value add” investment properties, to manage assets and provide high quality property management services.


Rand Sperry joins partners Burton Young & Jack Carroll to further grow his real estate investment and management companies.


The real estate investment and management companies that Mr. Sperry co-founded along with Burton Young and Jack Carroll and their affiliated companies have to date acquired more than 100 properties, exceeding $1 billion in value with over 10 million sq. ft. in managed assets and 6 million sq. ft. owned. (1)


Rand Sperry, CEO launches an affordable, collaborative, and value-based Real Estate Franchise platform named Sperry Commercial Global Affiliates.


Rand Sperry selects Mark Hinkins, CCIM, FRICS, a SperryCGA affiliate and founder of Trimark Commercial Real Estate, to the position of President, and ushers in a new era of growth and connectivity.


SperryCGA rapidly begins to expand into a full service network. The first international affiliate opens in Mexico City, MX.


With the achievement of a full-service solution now in place, the platform rebrands in March 2024 to SPERRY and SPERRY Global. Master Country Development agreements begin to be prepared for Vietnam and India. Strategic partnerships expand into emerging technologies with SIRE3d and into business brokerage with Kathy ireland Wordwide. Sperry University is launched.”

(1) The organization’s track record includes transactions that occurred under the name “SVN Equities, LLC” and/or certain affiliates from 1998 to 2012 or formerly doing business as “SVN Equities, LLC”. The organization is no longer affiliated with Sperry Van Ness International Corporation or Sperry Van Ness ®

Our Guiding Principles


We are all accountable for our actions.


We promote a true collaborative environment that fosters good will, a cooperative spirit, and strong alliances.


We are committed to giving back by volunteering and improving the communities in which we serve.


We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the very best of our abilities.


We believe in displaying the characteristics of sound virtues.


We strive to go above and beyond in everything we do.


We try not to take ourselves too seriously and work to incorporate fun in the workplace.


We embody the characteristics of being honest and having strong moral principles.


We exude energy, enthusiasm and excitement in all our endeavors.


If at first we don’t succeed, we try again!